Top Quality PLP® Fiberglass Flagpoles
for Residential and Commercial Applications


Why choose a fiberglass flagpole?

A PLP® Fiberglass Flagpole is a quality product. It is both attractive and designed to withstand the elements. Pound for pound, fiberglass has a higher tensile strength than aluminum. That makes it an ideal medium for flagpoles. PLP® classic flagpoles won’t rot like wood or discolor like aluminum, even in the most extreme weather conditions.


Fiberglass does not corrode or rust.

It is strong and stands up to high winds, yet is significantly lighter than steel or aluminum and unlike metal or wood, fiberglass is maintenance-free. These flagpoles have a high-luster finish that is durable, and since fiberglass absorbs sound, PLP® poles are exceptionally quiet. Plus, there’s no need to worry about lightning strikes since fiberglass does not conduct electricity.


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